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A Musical Journey

Jane Grant is a singer-songwriter hailing from Australia. Jane's love for music has been a constant driving force in her life since a young age. Even as a toddler, her passion for singing was evident, with her first microphone becoming a cherished possession at the age of 3. She discovered her vocal abilities early on and began her musical journey by joining the choir at the age of 5. Fearlessly taking the stage for her first solo performance at 8, Jane's talent and dedication to her craft blossomed. Recognizing her potential, her French teacher encouraged her mother to enroll her in singing lessons, leading to formal classical training at the age of 9.

While studying classical music, she also developed a deep appreciation for country music, drawn to its authentic lyrics and relatable themes. Jane's musical taste is incredibly diverse, as she finds inspiration in a wide range of genres. Upon entering adulthood, Jane eagerly embraced a new chapter in her musical career.

At 18, she joined a rock/pop duo, catapulting herself into the professional music scene, singing at pubs and clubs.

After a decade-long hiatus from the music industry, Jane has wholeheartedly immersed herself in her craft, exuding a newfound creative energy. Collaborating with producer Dean Glass, she has written new original songs. Her new songs are a blend of country and pop and showcases her growth as an artist.

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