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Critical Acclaim

Track: Ex

Impression: Powered by distorted guitars and pounding drums, Ex by Jane Grant instantly reveals its hard rock identity with a heavy, hard hitting groove. As the title suggests, Ex serves as an anthem for the heartbroken and raises a middle finger to that former lover. Jane Grant's fiery singing consumes everything in its path. She holds back nothing and lets loose an energy and attitude that is impossible to ignore. Coupled with the heavy guitars, the vocals create a wall of sound that pushes forward with an unstoppable force. The tune features a blazing guitar solo to hit all the marks for killer hard rock sound. Overall, Ex by Jane Grant is a fiery new rock tune that packs several punches and offers no apologies.

Strongest Point(s): Jane Grant's singing grabs listeners' attention and refuses to let go. The tune's groove strikes a killer balance between pure support and in-your-face riffing.

The Reviewer: Zachary Larson

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